Mag. Ilmar Tessmann

Born in 1931 in Prague. 1945 in Prague, Czech extermination camp - Straschnitz sold to Austria in 1946. Studying agricultural engineering at the Laboratory of higher fruit and viticulture Klosterneuburg and external pupils graduation.

Absolution of philosophy and theology at the University of Vienna. Activity in the pastoral care in Wiener Neustadt.

Since 1970 activity in medical technology in Eastern Europe.

Builders of the ARCHE Bioseminarstätte Eberstein Carinthia.

Since 1985 radiästhtetisches study and employment: with dowsing and water search ten years teaching at community colleges and lecturing in clubs. Since 1990, Bureau of the Section of the Austrian Carinthia Radiästhtetenverbandes.

Since 1995, volunteering at road interference suppression. Reduction measures at about 230 fault zones in Carinthia, Styria, Vienna and Lower Austria.

For the most part at their own cost including: labor, material, communication expenses, travel expenses alone exceed 80,000-ATS.

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