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Liebe Freunde der Bio Arche – bitte laßt Euch eintragen, dann habt Ihr immer aktuelle Infos

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1985 - we welcomed the first guests (three rooms were ready for occupancy)
1990 - expansion to the existing size now
1991 - Initial assignment of the "Green Dome" with LH-Stv. Dr. Peter Ambrozy
1993 - The solar heating system was installed.
1993 - Envirotour Vienna, WWF Europe's best eco-hotel
1994 - The meeting room was completed (now the breakfast room)
1994 - Hood Green, Natural Kitchen
1995 - The lower dining room will be completed
1995 - Environmental Award of Carinthia, handed over by State Councillor Elizabeth Sickl
1996 - The Attic game and meditation space is enlarged
1996 - 1st Forum: Nature Weissensee - Raiffeisen promotion price
1996 - 1st Eco hotel in Austria - an award from Minister Martin Bartenstein - the Biolandhaus ARCHE therefore must bear the reference number 001
1997 - 1st Eco hotel in Austria - an award from Staastssekretärin Marès Rossmann for re-attainment of the label
1998 - Start of expansion Apartments
1999 - Completion Seminar room apartments and now a total of 22-30 beds
2001 - Founding member of the Association BioHotels
2002 - Award Healthy Kitchen Austria LH-Stv. Dr. Peter Ambrozy
2002 - Best Practice example of Austria in the framework of the WTO Ökotourismusjahres - as one of 69 projects worldwide - Foreword by Deputy Secretary-General Dawid de Villiers
2002 - Carinthian inn culture award for regional cuisine NO Seppi Bucher
2003 - Organic Harvest Austria
2003 - awarded the European Eco-label - with the most nominal 39.50 points at all until now - presented by Environment Minister Dipl.-Ing. Josef Pröll as one of the first bio-hotel in Europe
2003 - Birth of our first grandson, Niklas Ilmar son, in third Generation of Sabine and Ilmar expansion attic - new room, game loft, apartment
2004 - Rosalind Tessmann cooks in the television series of the ORF "What I cook today?"
2004 - Friends of Nature International, Europe's flagship operating ecotourism
2005 - Award of Joseph Whetstone, managing director Bioland Germany / Bavaria, Germany recommended by organic
2006 - Award of Johanna Paungger Poppe as first- Hotel in Carinthia, the cook to Alpha-Omega moon rhythms can
2006 - Award for Sustainable Tourism for Royal Accomadation Sustainibilty, European Union
2007 - Redesign parking and redesigning fireplace and new plot of land behind the house
2007 - flagship operation of the EU eco-label to ITB Berlin
2007 - Recommended by Bioernte of Austria Rudi Four belly, Federal Chairman Bioernte Austria
2008 - Region of Delight partner company Central Carinthian Blond (endangered breed of cattle)
2008 - Exemplary Non smoking protection, first Hotel Carinthia in the Austrian Medical Chamber MR Dr. Dorner
2008 - 10 years of Austrian Minister Umeltzeichen Dipl.-Ing. Josef Pröll


2010 - Trigos Kärnten Preis für Nachhaltigkeit

2011 - Hotelsterneaward der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich für Nachhaltigkeit

2012 - Green Brand - internationale Auszeichnung